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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What about disruption to motorcycles?

Center line rumble strips add no measurable risk to motorcyclists.

What about disruption to bicyclists?

Rumble strips are being placed along the outside of the roadway in such a way as to minimize the risks to bicyclists.

Shoulder rumbles can be narrowed and placed closer to the edge of the travel lane and are being designed to provide adequate width to the right of the shoulder rumble for bicyclists. Gaps are placed in rumbles for cyclists making turns. Rumbles protect bicyclists from being struck by drifting drivers.

What about disruption to other roadway users?

WisDOT typically will not install shoulder rumbles in areas where Amish horse and buggy travel is known.

Roadside noise?

Noise occurs only infrequently, when a vehicle is errant. WisDOT continues to install rumbles along 2-lane, rural, high speed facilities. Rumbles save lives and have been dubbed "The sound of safety."

Are center line rumbles installed in passing and no-passing areas?

Yes. Studies indicate there are safety advantages to installing rumbles in both areas.

Are rumbles effective in the winter?

Yes. The snow removal and anti-freezing agents along with the tire action and wind produced from passing vehicles typically remove snow/ice/water caught in grooves.

What about disruption to freight and other travelers?

WisDOT typically will not install shoulder rumbles in areas of Amish horse and buggy travel, depending on paved shoulder width, or on oversize/overweight routes with a paved shoulder width less than five feet.

Pavement deterioration (maintenance)?

Rumble strips require very little maintenance.

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