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WIS 96 (County U - County D) Fox River Bridge and Approaches Corridor - Need/purpose

Wrightstown bridge.

Need for a new replacement bridge

The need for the new replacement bridge is based on the existing bridge’s deficiencies and its regional importance.

Bridge deficiencies

The WIS 96 bridge was constructed in 1934 and is reaching the end of its service life. While the bridge is structurally sound, it is too narrow for the volume and type of traffic it carries today and will need to accommodate in the future. Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has determined it is more cost effective to replace the existing bridge rather than rehabilitate it.

As the new bridge location continues to be studied, deficiencies along the existing bridge approaches have been identified. Some of the more important issues are:

  • Safety

    The five-year (2002 - 2006) crash rate on WIS 96 between Oak Street and Fair Street was higher than the statewide five-year average for similar roadways. Crashes at the County D, County DD and County ZZ intersections accounted for 50 percent of the crashes during the five-year period.

  • Traffic operations

    The 90-degree turns at the WIS 96/County D and WIS 96/County DD intersections present challenges to large trucks. There are also sight distance issues at the County DD, County D and County ZZ intersections.

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