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I-90 Reconstruction - Maps

Project location

I-90 reconstruction

  • I-90, Round Lake Bridge (Campbell) to Theater Rd. (Onalaska), in La Crosse County.

I-90/US 53/WIS 35 interchange reconstruction

  • US 53 (Rose St) from Livingston St. to I-90/US 53/WIS 35 interchange
  • WIS 35 from Campbell St. (La Crosse) to Elm St. (Onalaska)

WIS 157 Bridge construction

  • WIS 157 eastbound and westbound bridges over I-90.

Map key - Thick orange line is the project overview/location. Blue tear drop with dot in center is the project boundary.

View SW, I-90 Reconstruction in a larger map.

Project overview

Preferred alternatives

Construction staging

Detour routes

Feb. 26, 2014 - PIM

View all meeting documents

  • Overall project concept
  • Rose St. concept
  • Project overview
  • 2014 Construction: Project overview
  • 2014 Construction: Great River State Trail detour
  • 2015 2018 construction
  • Rose St. Bicycle/pedestrian accommodations
  • West George St. current concept
  • West George St. right of way impacts

Apr. 2013 - PAC meeting

Sept. 20, 2012 - PIM

View all maps from this mtg.

  • Project overview
  • 2013 - WIS 157 construction staging
  • I-90/US 53/WIS 35 Diamond interchange alternative
  • 2013 - Construction
  • 2014 - Construction

  • 2015 - Construction
  • 2016 - Construction
  • Oak Forest Drive at Rose Street
    • Preferred - Traffic signal alternative
    • Roundabout alternative
  • Rose Street bicycle/pedestrian connections
  • Detour plan Southbound WIS 157 to eastbound I-90

  • Detour plan Northbound WIS 157 to westbound I-90
  • Preliminary West George St. concepts, Alt. 1
  • Preliminary West George St. concepts, Alt. 2
  • Preliminary West George St. concepts, Alt. 3
  • Preliminary West George St. concepts, Alt. 4

Apr. 12, 2012 - PIM

  • Existing I-90/US 53/WIS 35 (Exit 3) Interchange
  • Planned improvements - The project includes the following measures to repair, maintain, and in some cases improve the existing infrastructure:
    • Replace pavement on I-90, Round Lake to Theater Rd.
    • Replace bridge deck on County BW
    • Replace pavement between ramp terminals and make bridge improvements at County B interchange
    • Reconstruct US 53/WIS 35, Livingston St. (La Crosse) to Elm St. (Onalaska)
    • Reconfigure US 53/WIS 35 interchange (Exit 3)

    • Replace I-90 structures over Great River State Trail with new box culvert
    • Add third lane (auxiliary lane) in each direction on I-90, between US 53/WIS 35 (Exit 3) and WIS 157 interchanges
    • Perform work on existing WIS 157 structures over I-90

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