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US 51 Corridor Study (Stoughton-McFarland) - Alternatives analysis

The alternatives analysis includes development of long-term solutions to address the problems identified in the needs assessment and preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Alternatives to be analyzed in the EIS will be developed and selected using public input.

Evaluation of the alternatives includes:

  • Modeling and assessment of travel demands.
  • A traffic operations analysis.
  • Investigation of potential land use development and redevelopment impacts.
  • Coordination with the public during the alternative development and selection process.
  • Coordination with environmental agencies regarding the impacts of the selected alternatives.

Coordination with local officials, businesses, neighborhood associations and other focus groups are essential throughout the project. Two advisory committees are helping guide the process.

Alternatives under consideration

  • No-Build - No action taken beyond normal roadway maintenance.
  • Alternative A (Low Build)
    • Safety improvements at various intersections along the corridor.
    • Reconstruction of the 2-lane section east of Stoughton, including the addition of a passing lane.
  • Alternative B - 4-lane expansion of US 51 with Stoughton Bypass
    • 4-Lane from County B to McFarland
    • 4-Lane reconstruction through McFarland
    • 4-Lane Stoughton Bypass, comprised of 3 links:
      • West link: On existing US 51 between WIS 138 and County B
      • North link: On County B between US 51 and County N with a sub-alternative called County B South Alignment east of Williams Drive
      • East Link: One of several alignments that connect the County B/County N intersection with US 51 east of Stoughton
      • Safety improvements at intersections in Stoughton and McFarland
      • Reconstruction of the 2-lane roadway east of Stoughton, including the addition of a passing lane
  • View more detailed maps of alternatives

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