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US 14/WIS 11 Corridor Study - Schedule

Truck on US 14/WIS 11 in Rock County.

For more information on Public Involvement Meetings (PIM), hearings and other public activities, visit Public involvement.

This study consist of four phases:

  • Phases 1 and 2 - Completed 2006, prior to splitting study into west and east segments
  • Phase 3 - Initiated for both west and east segments, but only completed for west segment
  • Phase 4 - West segment started fall 2011 and scheduled to be completed fall/winter 2012

Public is invited to participate in each phase. Elected officials and government agencies will also work together to provide ideas and help make decisions during the process.

Current (this year)

  • Jan. 2013 - Record of Decision scheduled

Future (next year and beyond)

  • Nothing at this time

Past (anything prior to today)


  • Nov. 2012 - Phase 4, Final EIS (FEIS) completed
    • An EIS comparing impacts of selected alternatives, including a "no-build" alternative and on-alignment improvements will be prepared. The EIS will suggest a preferred alternative.
  • Sept. 2012 - Agency concurrence, west segment Preferred alternative
  • Sept. 2012 - PIM scheduled, Preferred alternative
  • Aug. 2012 - Committee meetings, west segment Preferred alternative
  • June 2012
    • Draft EIS (DEIS)for public review and comment
    • Public Hearing on DEIS
  • May 2012 - PIM scheduled
  • May 18, 2012 - West segment portion of the study project is suspended indefinitely.
  • Feb/Mar. 2012 - Committee meetings, Evaluate west segment alternatives and impacts

Fall 2011- Phase 4, preparation of an EIS, started

Summer 2008-summer 2011 - Phase 3, Evaluate alternatives

  • Evaluating different alternatives and receiving feedback from public regarding alternatives.
  • Evaluation of alternatives will be based on environmental and local impacts, level of mobility and safety improvement, cost, right of way needs and other factors.

Spring 2006-summer 2008 - Phase 2, Develop alternatives

  • Full range of improvement alternatives developed to meet needs of the corridor.
  • Alternatives developed in coordination with local officials and state and federal agencies.
  • Full range of alternatives to be narrowed down to a range of feasible alternatives which will be carried through the environmental document.

Fall 2003-spring 2006 - Phase 1, Needs Assessment (NA)

  • Focused on how highway currently served people living and working in the area, how it moved regional traffic and how it was expected to operate in the future.
  • Project team gathered data about a variety of issues, such as current and future traffic volumes, crash data, environmental constraints, and how the highway affected land use patterns, the general public and economics in the area.
  • Data was provided by local officials and committee members and included in the study.

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