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US 12, aka Wisconsin Dells Parkway, Study - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why is WisDOT resurfacing the existing roadway surface this year if the reconstruction project is planned for Spring of 2020?

A short-term maintenance project of resurfacing the existing pavement is being implemented to extend the life of the corridor until an in-depth study and design can be completed for reconstruction years later.

What are the geographic limits and what is being studied?

The project limits for the resurfacing project are East Adams St. in the village of Lake Delton and WIS 13 (Broadway St.) in the city of Wisconsin Dells.

The project limits for the corridor study are WIS 23 (Munroe Ave.) in the village of Lake Delton and WIS 13 (Broadway St.) in the city of Wisconsin Dells.

The planning for the corridor study has just begun. A variety of alternatives will be evaluated including 4-lane undivided, 4-lane divided, five-lane with Two-Way-Left-Turn–Lane (TWLTL), one way pair with Clara Ave., and a hybrid (combination of alternatives).

Will the speed be reduced on US 12 (Wisconsin Dells Parkway)?

This will be evaluated and studied in the early stages of the study process. The current roadway is posted at 35 mph, the standard speed for a primary arterial that carries this volume of traffic in the state of Wisconsin

Is capacity expansion planned as part of this project?

No. Corridor intersections will be analyzed for improvements to turn lanes to enhance operations, but additional lanes along US 12 are not part of this project.

Are there going to be any improved accommodations for pedestrians or bicyclists?

Yes. Pedestrian beacons are proposed at three locations along the corridor: 150 feet north of Newsome St.; 700 ft. north of Pilgrim Dr., and 2400 feet north of Pilgrim Dr.

What are the pedestrian hybrid beacons that are being installed with the resurfacing project?

The pedestrian hybrid beacon (also known as the High intensity Activated crossWalK (or HAWK)) is a pedestrian-activated warning device located on the roadside or on mast arms over midblock pedestrian crossings.

As a part of the resurfacing project three pedestrian hybrid beacons will be installed to promote safer crossing at midblock locations on US 12.

The new crosswalks will be located at the following locations: 150 feet north of Newsome St., 700 feet north of Pilgrim Dr., and 2,400 feet north of Pilgrim Dr.

With the corridor reconstruction project, improvements to both bicycle and pedestrian accommodations will be further studied.

Is real estate acquisition anticipated as part of the project?

Real estate acquisition is not anticipated for the resurfacing project.

Real estate acquisition is anticipated for the reconstruction project. The amount of real estate being purchased depends on the chosen alternative.

When will construction occur?

The reconstruction project, based on the study results, is anticipated for spring of 2020. The duration of the project will depend on the chosen alternative.

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