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Major Highway Subprogram

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Major Highway Development Subprogram evaluation process

Selecting major studies

Before projects are considered for enumeration, WisDOT conducts environmental and engineering studies so all projects brought before the Transportation Projects Commission (TPC) will have undergone an approved Environmental Impact Statement or Environmental Assessment. This ensures that only projects likely to be future major project candidates are considered for enumeration. The TPC must approve projects for environmental study.

Selecting major projects

On the basis of its knowledge of emerging needs, WisDOT recommends candidate major projects to the TPC for evaluation.

WisDOT assembles a task force of staff experts in highway design, construction, planning, economics, environmental analysis, and economic development to compile and analyze information as part of the evaluation process for major projects as provided in Administrative Rule Trans 210 PDF.

The TPC, with WisDOT's analysis and public hearing comments, recommends to the Governor and Legislature a list of major highway projects and an appropriate annual funding level to support the ongoing major highway program.

The Legislature may add or delete projects, and may change the recommended funding level from the TPC's recommendation.


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