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WIS 23 Expansion Project - Need/purpose

View looking down WIS 23

WIS 23 is a Corridors 2030 connector route, therefore, traffic movement and safety is emphasized.

This project will provide additional roadway capacity and improve operational efficiency and traffic safety.

Roadway capacity

Capacity must be added to serve existing and forecasted traffic volumes. Moderate congestion is expected by the year 2020 if WIS 23 is not expanded.

Annual average daily traffic volumes in excess of 20,000 are predicted along portions of the project by 2030.

Operational efficiency and traffic safety

Insufficiencies in the roadway structure, geometric design, and the intersection design are creating an increased number of safety/crash related problems. This project will address these issues and find ways to eliminate them from plans for the new roadway.


Residents near WIS 23 will benefit from reduced travel times on trips among residences, jobs, businesses and services. Improved highways can:

  • Increase safety - Changes in roadway design can reduce safety/crash related problems.
  • Enhance economic development - Easier travel means easier transfer of goods and services.
  • Increase access - Local, regional and statewide commercial, industrial and recreational resources will be more accessible.
  • Influence tourism - Because travel along WIS 23 will be easier, tourists may alter the direction of their travel plans. This could increase the number of visitors to Fond du Lac, Plymouth and surrounding areas.

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