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WIS 23 Expansion Project - Environmental information

Combined Limited Scope Supplemental Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision (LS SFEIS/ROD)

FHWA and WisDOT have prepared a combined LS SFEIS/ROD in accordance to MAP-21 Section 1319(b).

Notes - In the documents below:

  • This LS SFEIS/ROD has been combined with the original 2010 FEIS for ease of review. Original 2010 FEIS text is shown in black.

  • Items that are considered revisions that target specifically identified issues in the January 19, 2012 Notice of Intent to prepare an LS EIS are shown in blue text.

  • This document has also been updated to reflect changes to data, policies, or conditions since the 2010 FEIS was published. These updates are shown in maroon text.

  • Text that has changed between the LS SDEIS and this LS FEIS/ROD is highlighted in yellow or is designated by lines in the margin.

  • In addition, for ease of review, a summary of changes between the 2010 FEIS and this LS SFEIS/ROD is provided at the beginning of each section.


Limited Scope Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (LS SDEIS)

FHWA and WisDOT have prepared a LS SDEIS in accordance with Title 23, Part 771.130 (f) of the Code of Federal Regulations (23 CFR 771.130(f)). This LS SDEIS is used to address issues of limited scope associated with the overall project. These issues are as follows:

  • Updating and clarifying portions of the original Purpose and Need.
  • Enhancing and clarifying the discussion of alternatives that do not include capacity expansion.
  • Clarifying the discussion of impacts to Section 4(f) resources and reconsidering determinations on three of those resources.
  • Revising, updating, and clarifying the Indirect and Cumulative Effects (ICE) analysis.
  • Seeking additional public involvement by offering a hybrid style public hearing which offers the opportunity for individual written testimony, individual oral testimony to a court reporter, and/or formal public testimony.

The ROD and FEIS below were completed in 2010, prior to the LS SDEIS.

Notes - In the documents below:

  • Maroon text - Signifies updates addressing changed conditions or analysis, clarifications, or additional information.

  • Blue text - Items that are considered revisions that target specifically identified issues in the January 19, 2012 Notice of Intent to prepare an Limited Scope (LS) EIS.

  • Tables and figures - The title of the table or figure has been shown in maroon or blue to indicate whether it has been updated or revised since the 2010 FEIS.

View Complete LS SDEIS (79 MB) OR view the files below in which the complete document is broken down into smaller file sizes to reduce download times.

Record of Decision (ROD) - 2010

2010 ROD, needed for final design and construction to commence, was issued Sept. 27, 2010.

Final EIS (FEIS) - 2010

2010 Final EIS (FEIS) for WIS 23 expansion study was completed and approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) June 2010.

Note: Changes or additions to the text of the FEIS are indicated by yellow or grey highlighting or with vertical lines in the margins.

View complete 2010 FEIS (99 MB) OR view the files below which are the complete document broken down into files with smaller file sizes to reduce download times.

File 1 of 7 (12.3 MB)

  • Cover and NEPA Statement
  • Section 0
    • Executive summary
    • Figure ES 15
    • Table of contents
  • Section 1.0 - Purpose and need
  • Section 2.0 - Summary of considered alternatives
  • Section 3.0 - Affected environment

File 2 of 7, Section 4.0 - Environmental consequences (18 MB)

File 3 of 7 (9.1 MB)

  • Section 5.0 - Measures to minimize adverse effects
  • Section 6.0 - Comments and coordination
  • Section 7.0 - Index
  • Section 8.0 - Appendices
    • Appendix A - Traffic information
    • Appendix B - Conceptual stage relocation program plan
    • Appendix C - Demographics

File 4 of 7, Appendix D - Memos and correspondence (20.2 MB)

File 5 of 7 (21.2 MB)

    • Appendix E - Value planning study final report executive summary
    • Appendix F - List of preparers
    • Appendix G - Final state EIS Federal EA distribution
    • Appendix H - Miscellaneous maps

File 6 of 7 (15.9 MB)

    • Appendix I - Safety audit
    • Appendix J - Passing lane study
    • Appendix K - Agricultural impact statement executive summary
    • Appendix L - Conformity analysis
    • Appendix M - Architecture-history survey form
    • Appendix N - Mobile source air toxics
    • Appendix O - Traffic noise notification to local governments

File 7 of 7 (7.1 MB)

    • Appendix P - 4(f) and 6(f) evaluations
    • Appendix Q - J-turn memo

Locations for viewing the LS SFEIS/ROD

Printed copies of the LS SFEIS/ROD are available at the following locations:

Fond du Lac Public Library
32 Sheboygan Street
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

Plymouth Public Library
130 Division Street
Plymouth, WI 53073-1848

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Bureau of Technical Services
4802 Sheboygan Ave, Room 451
Madison, WI 53707-7965

To make arrangements to view the LS SFEIS/ROD or to obtain a printed copy or a copy on CD, contact:

Jill Michaelson, WisDOT Planning Supervisor
(920p) 492-5698

There will be a charge for hard copies and CD's. You will be notified of any charges prior to the material being sent.

WisDOT environmental information

WisDOT projects and construction sometimes change the natural environment around a project area. To minimize the effects of road construction and development WisDOT works to reduce change to the natural environment and leads several efforts to restore project areas.

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