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September 26, 2014

Fall in Wisconsin means football, falling leaves, and deer darting unexpectedly into roadways. Motorists can reduce the chances of hitting a deer by slowing down and being alert, especially during dawn and dusk hours when deer are most active. Since deer often travel together, if you see one, expect more to follow. Should a deer jump into your path - brake firmly, stay in your lane and use one long horn blast to scare it away. If you canít avoid a collision, itís best to hit your brakes and the deer as swerving suddenly can result in losing control of your vehicle. Get your vehicle off the road, if possible, and call law enforcement. Walking around a highway is dangerous, so itís generally safest to stay buckled up inside your vehicle until help arrives. Audio


Another factor compounding your commute this time of year is the sunís blinding glare at daybreak and sunset. Along with slowing down, motorists can protect themselves and others by positioning their vehicleís visor down and forward — so it helps block the sun but allows you to see traffic signs and signals. Polarized sunglasses are helpful, and so is keeping the outside and inside of your windshield as clean as possible since any dirt or smudges can intensify glare.


Representatives from Wisconsinís Native American tribes will join WisDOT officials at the eighth annual Wisconsin Tribal Transportation Conference Oct. 20 and 21 at the Radisson in Green Bay. Hosted by WisDOT and the Lac Courte Oreilles Band, the conference will gather some 200 federal, state and local participants to discuss issues such as best management practices in the construction industry, cultural understanding, tribal traffic and motorcycle safety. Registration info can be found on the WisDOT website.


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