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Connecting Highway Aids

Connecting Highway Aids (CHA) assist municipalities with costs associated with increased traffic and maintenance on roads that connect segments of the State Trunk Highway System.

One hundred twenty (120) municipalities receive quarterly payments on a per lane mile basis, with rates varying according to population and appropriations set in the state budget.

Current Calendar Year Payment Totals

The following documents list the final 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008 CHA payments for each town, village, city, and county.

Previous Calendar Year Payment Totals

Payment Details

Aid payment schedules:

  • Cities, Villages and Towns receive 4 payments annually:
    • the first Monday of January (25%), April (25%), July (25%), and October (25%)

Aid payment options:

  1. Paper check
  2. ACH (automated clearinghouse to your local government account)
  3. ACH-INV (automated clearinghouse to your State Investment Pool account)

Please contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, attention Sue Nelson at (608) 266-8618, or sue.nelson@revenue.wi.gov, or FAX (608) 264-6887 to select or modify the payment option that best suits the needs of your local government.

Program manager: Anna Kraft, anna.kraft@dot.wi.gov, (608) 264-8425

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