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Driver record abstracts

Driver record abstracts are computer-generated copies of the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMVís) driver records. Most driver record entries are retained for five years; however, certain convictions can result in a driver record being retained indefinitely.

Driver abstracts contain the following standard information:

  • name and address
  • driver license or identification card number
  • sex and date of birth
  • former names
  • dates and types of traffic convictions, accidents, restrictions, and withdrawals

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Some large volume requesters maintain accounts for immediate response by the Public Abstract Request System (PARS). PARS is a secure Web-based system that allows participating accountholders to have instant access to driver record abstracts via Portable Document Format (PDF) images.

Commercial driver employers are eligible to enroll in the Employer Notification program. This program is available to PARS participants and identifies any enrolled commercial driver with recent activity on their driving record.

Other volume users provide computer tapes of requests for next-day return of abstract information. Brokers are authorized recipients of the DMV records who resell or re-disclose the record information to other private entities.

Why WisDOT provides this information

Wisconsinís Motor Vehicle and Open Records Laws provide that anyone who requests a driver abstract, pays the appropriate fee and provides a completed Vehicle/Driver Record Information Request form MV2896 can request any personís driver record information.

Confidential information

Medical information is confidential and is only released if the driver has signed a release authorization form. Certain information on juveniles (such as suspensions for juvenile alcohol and truancy) is also confidential and will only be released to courts, law enforcement and, in some cases, parents or guardians.

Social Security numbers are used for driver licensing purposes and are not available to the public. Identification (ID) card information is also confidential and can only be released to the courts, district attorneys, county corporation counsels, city, village or town attorneys, law enforcement agencies, the ID card holder, or to the parent/legal guardian of an ID card holder who is under 18 years of age.

Opting out for requests from marketing and research entities

Customers can "opt out" from having their name included by completing form MV3592. If 10 or more records are requested, their personal identifiable data will be suppressed. Forms can also be obtained at all DMV service centers.

Federal Driverís Privacy Protection Act

The Federal Driversí Privacy Protection Act became effective on April 13, 2000, requiring that any request for driver record information be accompanied by a MV2896 (DPPA) form. The form requires information regarding the requester, name of person about whom record(s) are being requested and authorization for the information. 

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