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Badger TraCS users conferences

Badger TraCS users conferences are held annually in the fall for law enforcement agencies that have attended TraCS training and have a TraCS license. The meetings provide current and future TraCS related topics, one-on-one TraCS support and an opportunity for law enforcement to network with other agencies. The conference is a great opportunity to see how other agencies use TraCS and how they deal with certain issues.

2013 Badger TraCS Users Conference Webcast Sessions

  • Welcome/TraCS Program Update (webcast) - presentation slides
    Tommy Winkler and Darlene Schwartz present updates on changes happening within DMV and the TraCS program that will impact the law enforcement community. 75 minutes.
  • Law Enforcement Panel (webcast)
    This panel provides personal experiences, lessons learned and best practices on migrating to TraCS 10. 45 minutes.
  • TraCS 10 for Officer/User (webcast) - presentation slides
    Presenters: Dennis Rodenkirch and Jeff Davis (Cross Plains PD) This session covers an overview of the TraCS 10 Forms Manager, ILT (Incident Location Tool), improved Statute Searches, TraCS 10 Diagram Tool and lessons learned from the Users point of view. 52 minutes.
    • Add New button (slide 4)
    • Replicate button (slide 5)
    • Button Locations (Slides 6-7)
    • ILT, Incident Locator Tool (slide 8)
    • Court Selector (slides 9-14)
    • Statute/Ordinance Searches (slides 15-19)
    • Crash 10 Diagram (slide 20)
    • User training (slides 21-22)
    • Things to Remember (slides 23-26)
  • TraCS 10 Advanced Features (webcast)  – presentation slidesindex sheet
    Presenter: Geraldine Polster This session will demonstrate the new searching and reporting features, a discussion on TraCS 10 automation followed by a QA session. 52 minutes.
  • TraCS 10 for Office Administration (webcast)  – presentation slidesindex sheet
    Presenter: Geraldine Polster and Lisa Davis (Cross Plains PD) This session will demonstrate administrative tasks from reviewing to archiving forms. It will highlight the task differences between TraCS 7.3 to 10 followed by a QA session. 52 minutes.
  • TraCS 10 Migration Mini-Course (webcast)  – presentation slides
    Presenters: Jenny Schmidt and John Egan This fast paced session will provide a technical overview of migrating your agency from 7.3 to 10. It will highlight all the important steps you need to take before, during, and after migration. 50 minutes.
  • Mobile Architecture for Communication Handling (MACH) (webcast)
    This session will include a live demonstration of the Mobile Architecture Communications Handling (MACH) software. Technical staff and the State Patrol MACH Administrator will be available for questions. Items for discussion will include system requirements, costs, and the statewide rollout strategy. 56 minutes.

2012 Badger TraCS Users Conference Webcast sessions Webcast video

  • TraCS 10 - Field Unit Viewpoint - presentation slides
    Geri Polster and some FAC members present the new look and feel of the Forms Manager, Forms Viewer and other new form features listed below (1 hour, 2 minutes). Form features include:
    • Look and Feel (slides 1-2)
    • Form Manager (slides 3-26)
    • Forms Viewer (slides 27-35)
    • Document/Form Tags (slides 36-46)
    • External Search (slides 47-55)
    • Sub-groups (slides 56-61)
    • Violation Search, Setting Defaults, Court Date Button (slide 62)
    • Parking Ticket (slides 63-101) - presentation slides
    • WIBRS (slides 102-112) - presentation slides
    • Auto-pop/Replicate (slides 113- 125) - presentation slides
    • Locating Incidents (slides 126-203, 205-211) - presentation slides
    • WISLR Map (slides 204)
  • TraCS 10 - Field Unit Viewpoint (continued)
    TraCS 10 new form features continued. 27 minutes.
  • TraCS 10 - Field Unit Viewpoint (continued)
    Demo of Fatal Supplement. 7 minutes.
  • TraCS 10 - Workstation Viewpoint - presentation slides
    Jenny Schmidt and FAC members present new features on the workstation listed below. 47 minutes.
    • Forms Manager (slides 1-64)
    • Custom Search (slides 65-95)
    • Advanced Search and Ad Hoc Queries (slides 96-100)
      • Statistical Reports
        • Tabular
          • Aggregation Functions
          • Pivot Charts
        • Graphs
        • Pin Maps
      • Notification Service
    • Logging (slides 101-134)
    • Court Disposition Button (slides 135-147)
    • Log Exports (slide 148)
    • Document Number Management, new format for non-traffic forms, and reason for change (slides 149-184, 186-190)
    • Decoder Tool (slide 185)
    • Traffic Citations, CNUM Replacement (slides 191-227) - presentation slides
  • TraCS 10 - Workstation Viewpoint (continued)
    TraCS 10 new workstation features continued. 58 minutes.
    • FAC Presentation (slides 1-58)
    • Citation Number Audit Reports (59-63)
    • Transmission (slides 64-127)
    • Making the Move–Migration Planning (slides 128-207)
    • Distribution (slides 208-257)
    • Update Service (slides 258-342)
    • Table Manager (slides 343-392)
      • Court Date Selector (slides 393-623)
      • Ordinance Table (slides 624- 689)
      • Custom Text (slides 690-743)
      • User Management (slides 744-774)
  • Mobile Architecture for Communications Handling (MACH) - presentation slides
    Jim Larson, Wisconsin State Patrol Trooper, gives an update on the status of MACH. 22 minutes.

2011 Badger TraCS Users Conference Webcast sessions Webcast video

  • Incident Location Tool, WISLR and WISLR Crash Mapping Tool
    Three sessions that include: 1) Geraldine Polster (TraCS Developer) demonstrates the incident location tool and how it interfaces with TraCS 10. 2) Kelly Schieldt (WISLR Manager) explains what is WISLR (Wisconsin Information Systems for Local Roads) and how is it used within TraCS. 3) Susie Forde (DOT Data Management Chief) and Steven Parker (Program Manager UW Traffic Operations and Safety Lab) demonstrate an interactive statewide crash mapping tool with five years worth of crashes. 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Mobile Architecture for Communications Handling (MACH)
    David Harvey (DSP Inspector) and James Larson (DSP Trooper) gives an update on what's happening with MACH and the future of MACH in Wisconsin. 33 minutes

Items of special interest Webcast video

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