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Badger TraCS forms

The Badger TraCS suite of forms includes the following:

TraCS runs on both stand alone PCs and laptop computers in squad cars. This allows for immediate data entry in the squad car or entry at a later time at the headquarters office. Driver/vehicle information can be shared among forms, eliminating duplication of entry.

Alcohol incident form

The Alcohol Incident Report (Notice of Intent to Suspend, Notice of Intent to Revoke, Informing the Accused, Administrative Review Request and Blood/Urine Chemical Test) have been provided as a convenience for your agency. You can import the data from the Electronic Citation (ELCI) form into the Alcohol incident form and print out any of the five reports. Electronic data transmission of the Alcohol Incident form is not available at this time.

Amended crash form

This form is the same as the MV4000e, with the addition of a Document Number Override field. This field contains the original document number that is amended. The crash data from this form is also submitted to the DMV FTP server.

Attachment form

The Attachment form is an optional form that may be used by your agency to facilitate the transfer of non-TraCS files from the field unit to the administrative workstation. This form is provided as a convenience for your agency. (It is only used locally within your agency.) The form is designed to be flexible and meet a variety of agency needs. The Attachment form can be used to send a fingerprint file, a work report in Word format, an excel spreadsheet or virtually any other file on your laptop.

Car/deer crash form

This is an abbreviate form of the MV4000e that may be used to report single unit, property damage only deer or other non-domesticated animal crashes. This form is submitted electronically to DMV.

Citizen contact form

The citizen contact form is a tool used to collect data on individuals, associates or vehicles which can be imported into Record Management Systems. This data is used locally to assist in investigations. This form can also be used to record daily activities.

CNUM form

This form is used to manage the electronic Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC) form numbers. This form automates the process of ordering and installing UTC numbers in the electronic format.

Crash (MV4000e) form

This is the electronic version of the Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Accident Report form. Reportable crashes can be submitted to the DMV electronically. A crash data file and tiff file is transferred to the DMV FTP server. This data is then uploaded daily to the corporate database. Law enforcement is able to archive crash data on their servers and generate copies as necessary. The MV4000e contains all the fields on the paper MV4000 arranged in a different order.

Driver condition and behavior form (MV3141)

Wisconsin law, SS 343.16 (5) (6) allows the Department of Transportation to reexamine drivers when the Department has “good cause” to believe that the driver is incompetent or otherwise not qualified to be licensed. The Department determines what is “good cause.” The narrative should include the law enforcement officer’s specific observations and any actions and/or comments by the driver.

Drug and alcohol influence form

This form has been provided as a convenience for your agency. This form can be used in conjunction with the Alcohol incident forms. Electronic data transmission of the Drug and Alcohol Influence form is not available at this time.

Fatal supplement form

This form is required whenever there is a traffic crash resulting in a fatality. The death must occur within 30 days of the crash to be considered a traffic fatality. This form replaces the paper MV3480 Fatal Supplement Form when submitted as part of a TraCS electronic crash report and is necessary to comply with the requirements of the federal Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS).

Natural resources citation form

This is the electronic version of the natural resources citation (Form 4100-070E). This form is used for writing citations for conservation, environmental protection, boating, snowmobile, ATV, and captive wildlife violations.

Nontraffic citation form

This form is used for nontraffic violations. Electronic transmission to courts and district attorneys is supported for this form. A Spanish version report is also available for this form.

Traffic stop data collection form

Effective January 1, 2011, all Wisconsin law enforcement officers will be required to collect and submit data from traffic stops to determine if racial disparities may exist in the criminal justice system. This form helps you comply with the state reporting requirement.

Uniform traffic citation form

The e-citation, ELCI, meets the requirements of Trans 114, Wisconsin Administrative Code on Uniform Traffic Citations.

Any jurisdiction developing or purchasing electronic citation software must ensure that it meets the requirements of Trans 114 and:

  • Collects the data required.
  • Includes a citation number issued by WisDOT.
  • Is able to issue a paper version of the citation in the format required by Trans 114.
  • Issues one citation per violation.

Warning citation form

A TraCS Warning Citation has been designed for ease of use and as a convenience for your agency.

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