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Fraudulent licenses

Many Internet sites and other sources offer "novelty" licenses and identification (ID) cards for sale. The following Wisconsin statutes and penalties apply to this kind of activity:


943.20(1) Whoever does any of the following may be penalized as provided in sub. (3):


943.20(1)(d) Obtains title to property of another person by intentionally deceiving the person with a false representation which is known to be false, made with intent to defraud, and which does defraud the person to whom it is made. "False representation" includes a promise made with intent not to perform it if it is a part of a false and fraudulent scheme.


943.20(3) Penalties. Whoever violates sub. (1):


943.20(3)(a) If the value of the property does not exceed $2,500, is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.


943.38(3) Whoever, with intent to defraud, does any of the following is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor:


943.38(3)(a) Falsely makes or alters any object so that it appears to have value because of antiquity, rarity, source or authorship which it does not possess; or possesses any such object knowing it to have been thus falsely made or altered and with intent to transfer it as original and genuine, by sale or for security purposes;

943.38(3)(b) Falsely makes or alters any writing of a kind commonly relied upon for the purpose of identification or recommendation.

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