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Driver license and ID card myths


There is something called an "International Driver’s License" that you can use in this country to avoid local law enforcement.


Although there are offers out there advertising that you can get an international license that can never be suspended, can help you avoid tickets, fines and mandatory driver education, these offers are bogus. Your driving privileges can and will be withdrawn whether you have a license or not, if you get tickets, etc.


Valid licenses and ID cards can be purchased via the Internet.


Although these items may look valid, they are NOT. Unless a license or ID card is issued by an official source, it may not be presented as an official document. Only valid official documents may be used legally.


There is a surefire way to avoid surcharges on your car insurance if you get a ticket - pay some amount over the fine and when you get the ticket refund check, don’t cash it!


All that will do is cost you more money and make a lot of work for everyone. The system will still put the violation on your driving record, along with any points that go with it.

Fake card/ID penalties

The penalty for using fake driver licenses or ID cards is a fine of $200 to $600 and/or 6 months in prison for the first offense. For additional offenses, the penalties increase to up to $2,000 and mandatory prison time of up to 6 months. With identity theft and other types of fraud on the rise, this kind of crime is getting a lot of attention. Don’t believe that the "novelty" products sold in magazines or on the Internet are foolproof! New technology makes it easy to spot a fake, and you never know who you’re buying from.

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