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Requirements for connecting to the WisDOT Extranet System 

To use WisDOT extranet applications, you will need a Wisconsin User ID and a workstation and network connection that meets the minimum requirements given below.

Minimum system requirements

Network Connection A connection to the Internet that will allow https access to sites on the Internet - see also Network requirements - Internet connectivity
Browser Software

We will work with our customers to resolve problems encountered using the following browsers (unless specified otherwise on a particular system). Other browser software may function correctly but we cannot be held responsible for problems encountered as a result of using other browser software.

MS Internet Explorer 8.x
*Adobe Reader/Plug-in:  *Adobe Reader is required for reading PDF documents; you may not need it. 5.0 or higher

For more information about getting your free copy of Adobe Reader, visit WisDOT's Software Information page.

For system requirements not listed below, please refer to Adobe Reader resources.

To view and/or print PDF files correctly, the Adobe Reader must be installed and working properly.


Network requirements Ė Internet connectivity
Access to this application is provided through the WisDOT extranet. To access the application, a connection to the Internet is required.

Dial-up via an Internet Service Provider
If you connect to the Internet via a dial-up or broadband connection to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), additional network configuration is probably not required.

Internal network connection to the Internet
If your connection to the Internet is via your organizationís internal network, additional network configuration may be required. Provide your organizationís network administrator or network security staff with a copy of this document.

Note to Network Administrator and Support / Network Security staff
Access to the WisDOT extranet is accomplished using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). If outbound SSL connections are blocked at your organization's firewall and/or your organization's proxy server(s), you will have to enable outbound connections for your personnel to access the WisDOT extranet.

Firewall and proxy configuration
WisDOT does not provide support for other organization's infrastructure components, including the diagnosis and configuration of firewalls, proxy servers, etc. WisDOT cannot assume any liability for problems or outages that may occur either directly or indirectly related to infrastructure configuration and support issues.

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