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Approved and pre-qualified product and vendor lists

Bridge Construction

Lists of products and vendors pre-qualified for use on Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) projects are compiled and maintained by the Division of Transportation System Development (DTSD). These lists include pre-qualified products, approved suppliers and certified sources of specific materials that exhibit satisfactory compliance with relevant specifications. Pre-qualification testing, inspections, and evaluations; process control inspections with certification; process control inspections with random department verification testing; and independent third party plant certifications are some of the major methods of pre-qualification.

Pre-qualification of products and vendors is in accordance with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Highway and Structure Construction, Section 106 Control of Materials:

The department maintains product acceptability lists and other lists of approved products and approved manufacturers or suppliers. The department includes products on these lists based on the results of prior testing and a satisfactory performance history on departmental projects. The department may retest or re-inspect products after delivery to the project site to verify that they conform to the contract.

The companies shown on the approved lists linked from this page may provide their products to WisDOT projects pursuant to the applicable Specification and/or Policy Memorandum. Although approved for use, any of these materials are subject to inspection, testing, certification of compliance or certified report of test to the appropriate specifications or material properties, and are subject to rejection at any time if found to be out of compliance.

These lists will be updated as needed. Dates of approval/removal will be shown on the lists for each product/vendor for reference regarding project applicability. As of January 1, 2015, data will not be removed from the lists. Disapproved products or vendors will remain but be shown in red with the disapproval date.

Contact information for each of the product categories is listed on the pages for the respective material. Contact that person for information regarding pre-qualification for specific materials.

Current lists

Aggregate reports

Portland cement concrete

Asphalt concrete

Nuclear densitometry

Drainage (See "Precast concrete fabricators" link below for concrete pipe and structures) 

Erosion control


Structure painting systems

Precast concrete and masonry

Roadway appurtenances

Traffic barriers

Signing and marking


Archive lists

Below are links to previous years’ approved products lists. This material is archived for reference for continuing projects.

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