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Service: April 2015

Performance measure How we measure it Current report period Goal Goal met Trend Comments
Service: High quality and accurate products and services delivered in a timely fashion by a professional and proactive workforce.
DMV wait times
Calendar year-to-date 2015
Percent of DMV service center customers served within 20 minutes 90.03 80.0 Goal has been met Performance is trending in a favorable direction The DMV is continuing to evaluate planning practices, develop long-term resource allocation and study what successful stations are doing to maintain current service levels.
DMV electronic services
Calendar year 2014
Number of DMV electronic service transactions 4.64 mil. Annual target is 4.54 mil. Goal has been met Performance is trending in a favorable direction There was a 4.1 percent increase in electronic services between 2013 and 2014.
DMV driver license road test scheduling
Calendar year-to-date 2015
Available tests as a percent of estimated demand 96 90.0 Goal has been met Trend is holding The DMV implemented an improved projection formula in 2015 and staff has been able to make adjustments to continue meeting the service level expectation.
DMV phone service
Calendar year-to-date 2015
Percent of DMV phone calls answered within two minutes 75.25 80.0   Performance is trending in a favorable direction This measure continued to improve during the winter seasonal spike in call volume. The DMV anticipates this trend to continue as staff gain experience and call volume stabilizes during the summer.

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