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Preservation: April 2014

Performance measure How we measure it Current report period Goal Goal met Trend Comments
Preservation: Protecting, maintaining and operating Wisconsin's transportation system efficiently by making sound investments that preserve and extend the life of our infrastructure, while protecting our natural environment.
State highway pavement condition
Calendar year 2012
Percent of state highway pavement rated fair or above 92.97 IHS
89.36 Non-IHS
90.0   Performance is trending in an unfavorable direction Pavement condition data provides a barometer of system condition trends.
State bridge condition
Calendar year 2013
Percent of state bridges rated fair or above 96.8 95.0 Goal has been met Trend is holding State bridge conditions are holding steady and exceeding the goal.
State-owned rail line condition
Calendar year 2013
Percent of state-owned rail line meeting FRA Class 2 Standard (>10 MPH) 56.2 100.0   Trend is holding The department has a number of projects that started in 2013 but won't be completed in 2014.
Airport pavement condition
Calendar year 2013
Percent of airport pavement rated fair or above 88.0 90.0   Performance is trending in an unfavorable direction There was a 2 percent decrease compared to last year as a result of a change in calculation methodology.
State highway maintenance
Calendar year 2013
Grade point for the maintenance condition of state highways 2.57 3.0   Performance is trending in a favorable direction Conditions improved slightly in 2013, with routine maintenance agreements and improvement projects funding highway maintenance needs.
Material recycling
State fiscal year 2013
Tons of recycled materials used in projects 1.89 mil. 2.0 mil.   Performance is trending in an unfavorable direction The department is committed to the recycling effort and continues to research materials and methods to expand the recycling program.

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