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Law Enforcement Dispatcher position description

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Duties and responsibilities

Law Enforcement Dispatchers (LEDs) work independently, or with a partner, and are under continuous public scrutiny. They must deal with citizens from various socio-ethnic backgrounds, often in very stressful situations. LEDs must be able to empathize with others and provide a calm and professional response even when under extreme duress. LEDs must have keen listening and be able to prioritize job duties, often in an environment where multiple emergency situations occur simultaneously. Specific duties and responsibilities include the ability to:

  • Operate two-way radio systems.
  • Provide adequate highway coverage.
  • Determine need for and direct patrol vehicles to handle emergency situations.
  • Receive requests for and obtain information (e.g., drivers license, records of wanted persons, vehicle registration, motor vehicle laws and codes).
  • Compile data, produce reports and maintain records and logs of communication activities.
  • Handle cash and bond postings.

Skills, knowledge and abilities

  • Information coordination
  • Map reading
  • Records management
  • Basic computer skills
  • Cash handling
  • Public relations
  • Effective written and oral communication skills

Is this for me?

Not everyone possesses the attributes essential to undertake a career in law enforcement dispatching. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Am I a service-oriented person?
  • Do I have good listening skills?
  • Am I conscientious?
  • Am I concerned about other people, and do I have the desire to "make a difference" for others?
  • When faced with an emergency, am I able to remain calm? Is my judgment sound?
  • Do I have the stamina to work long hours under sometimes highly stressful conditions?
  • Am I willing to work nights, weekends and holidays?
  • Can I deal with criticism calmly and exercise self-control when faced with verbal abuse?
  • Can I perform my duties without prejudice involving others' race, creed, gender or nationality?
  • Do I work well alone without close supervision?

If you are able to answer "yes" to all of these questions, you may possess the special qualities needed to become a LED for the Wisconsin State Patrol.

What are the specific job requirements?

The Wisconsin State Patrol is an equal opportunity employer and is in search of qualified men and women who are willing to accept the responsibilities of this challenging position.

Demands of the LED are many. They may be required to work alone, in all kinds of weather and on weekends and holidays. Since most LEDs provide 24-hour coverage, positions may involve rotating shifts, evening hours or midnight hours. Additional pay incentives are awarded for evenings, nights, holidays and weekends.

Effective keyboarding and computer skills are required and a simulation exercise may be administered prior to a personal interview. Prior to appointment, applicants must pass a background investigation including, but not limited to, the following areas: driving record, arrest and conviction record, employment history and hearing examination.

If you have additional questions, contact your nearest State Patrol regional office.

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